United Way of Crookston Program Spotlight: Tri-Valley's Reach Out for Warmth Program

Tri-Valley Energy Assistance maintains a program that is supported with donations from the United Way of Crookston and other energy vendors in our service area.  The program is called “Reach out for Warmth” and is available to clients when all other resources have been depleted.

To be eligible for this program, the client must have already signed up for the Energy Assistance Program and used all of their primary heating assistance and emergency funds that are available from the state.  When you face the real possibility of having no heat in a life threatening situation and you have no other place to turn, you really realize how life changing a program like this one is.

Reach out for Warmth is funded by two sources.  The majority of the funding comes from the United Way of Crookston and is used within the Tri-Valley service area.  The other source of donations come from some of the local energy vendors.  With these donations, every attempt is made to use them specifically in the cities and counties these utilities serve.

Many of the clients are senior citizens living on fixed incomes and households with small children under the age of six. When they encounter a difficult financial situations such as emergency medical bill, a life changing health issue, the loss of job, a work related injury, an emergency home or car repair or any other financial hardship it creates a situation that some people simply cannot pay. Most will encounter a financial emergency at some point in our lives.  Having to choose between paying a bill and having heat should not be one of them.

This year, with the donations received from the United Way of Crookston and others, Reach Out for Warmth was able to provide emergency assistance to 30 households with total donations of $7,000 to serve the Tri-Valley service area. Those eligible for the service are only able to be assisted as long as there are funds available.

Tri-Valley Energy Assistance would like to take this opportunity to thank the United Way of Crookston for their generous grants and local energy vendors who have chosen to give back to their communities.

If you would like to participate and make a donation to the Reach Out for Warmth program, please contact Energy Assistance at Tri- Valley in Crookston, MN or the United Way of Crookston. Any and all donations received make a difference in our community, even if it’s for just one home!  For more information please contact Chris Waechter (Tri-Valley Energy Assistance Manager) at (218) 281-9080 or christopher.waechter@tvoc.org.

Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Inc. is a non-profit community action agency headquartered in Crookston, Minn. In existence since 1965, Tri-Valley provides services in 84 counties in Minnesota and Northeast North Dakota.


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